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Base edited
if ya want me to put your oc in a base! plz pm me on DA or Google Hangouts or any media you know me on



{Snow Cloud} I'm Watching You...
I have another OC named Snow Cloud and she is a alicorn {I like alicorns and i don't regret it} I know how much Golden Swears and this filly gonna have a hay day with him on every time he swears 

Base made by :iconpony-resource: 
GoldenFox :icongoldenfoxda:
Snow Cloud belong to :iconnightfallart32:

{I still don't draw well without freaken bases! I can't help it ;-;} 
Night Phoenix's Cutie Mark
A Moon and a Phoenix! Moon is there because she is apart of Night Fall and she likes Night time and the Moon. Phoenix is there because she is Passion about many stuff and also gets angry easy

Cutie Mark are made by me
This Fanfic has swearing in it so if you Don't like swearing then Don't read this fic}

One Day Dark Nights Stumbled Upon a Pegasus in Ponyville. This Pegasus is Black and Red with Edge written all over him... Dark Nights Stared at the Pegasus Stallion blushing. 

CarToonZ Stared at her in confusion. "Why you starring at me?" He asked as his eyes made eye contact with Dark Night's.

Dark Nights snapped out of starring at CarToonZ and answered "Uh... Its Nothing... Who are you? Your so Edgey." 

CarToonZ Reply back to her question "Im CarToonZ the Edgelord and the other side of Toony. And you are?" He leads against the wall of a house.

Dark Nights started to blush a bit and shyly saids "I-Im Dark Nights A-A Side of Night Fall... If you know her she is a alicorn! Mary Sueish kinda." She Giggled  as she fix's her Hoodie.

"Mary Sueish you say?! Haha! She probably like Lightning Bliss!" He Said with a little Chuckle.

"Very Funny CarToonZ, Anyways why are you in ponyville?" She Questioned CarToonZ.

"Just getting some Fucken Donuts to eat thats all, How about you miss Edgey herself." CarToonZ smiled while saying that.

Dark Nights Giggled a bit "Just Hanging out in the ally ways like a Street punk would do, Wanna get donuts together Mister ToonZ?" Ending off with a smile back at CarToonZ.

CarToonZ answered "Sure i have room for a pony to come along with me... Just don't fucken mess with me okay." CarToonZ started to walk to Sugarcube Corner with Dark Nights.

Dark Nights Blushed but hidden it as just walked into Sugarcube Corner... It felt like a Spark of Love popped into her mind as she wonders in her thoughts. CarToonZ looks at her and them waves his hoofs in her face saying "Hey Come On, Snap out of it! Don't make me hit you even tho your a mare!" 

Dark Nights snapped out of it again and saids "Sorry... Kinda got lost in my thoughts thats all..." she looks at CarToonZ in Embarrassment then looks at Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie looks at CarToonZ and Dark Nights "Hey CarToonZ here for Donuts again aren't you? And who's that mare your girlfriend?" she asked while bouncing as Usual

CarToonZ look at Pinkie Pie A bit angry "Hey she isn't my Girlfriend she just a friend of mine thats all!" CarToonZ said in a angry tone at Pinkie Pie

Dark Nights looked at Pinkie Pie blushing bright red then back at CarToonZ and calmly saids "Calm Down CarToonZ, She didn't know okay! Don't make me put Black and Red paint all over you Miss Pie." she growled lightly

Pinkie Pie Walks in Kitchen getting a Bag of Donuts Ready for CarToonZ and Dark Nights as they wait at a Table. Just at the moment Toon walked In Sugarcube Corner finding CarToonZ with a Unicorn Mare that was Edgey lookin 

Toon looks at CarToonZ smiling "Did you get a Girlfriend CarToonZ?" he Chuckled 

CarToonZ looked angry at Toon... "TOON SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND SHE'S JUST A FUCKEN FRIEND!" CarToonZ Voice gotten a bit Demonic toned

"Lighten up CarToonZ, I was only kidding around. Why can't you have some fun?" Toon sat down by CarToonZ and Dark Nights.

Pinkie got done with the Donuts and put the bag on the table. Toon and Dark Nights took a Donut and started to eat as CarToonZ payed Pinkie Pie bits for the Chocolate Donuts. CarToonZ sat down and joined with them and enjoyed the rest of his day. 

{CarToonZ belongs to :iconflameamigo619:

Dark Nights belongs to me

Pinkie Pie belongs to well Hasbro and stuff

Hope ya enjoy it}
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